Low-Power Sensors

Sensors are critical for Internet of Things and biomedical devices. We are interested in developing highly digital and ultra-low-power circuit techniques to replace conventional high-precision analog circuits in sensor nodes. Our interest spans active and passive sensor interfaces for bio, chemical, and MEMS sensors, as well as on-chip temperature and optical sensors.

A MOS-based low-power temperature sensor achieving −0.22/+0.19/°C inaccuracy, 0.6 nJ/conversion, and 73 mK resolution.

The high accuracy and resolution are achieved by leveraging exponential subthreshold oscillation dependence and the linesensitivity is improved by orders of magnitude over previously reported oscillator-based temperature sensors. [ISSCC17]. The compact and low-power sensor design further enables a fully-integrated, batteryless dust for cellular temperature sensing [VLSI18].

A mm-scale high-temperature wireless sensor node with embedded low-power Flash memory [ISSCC17]