The Secure and Intelligent Micro-Systems (SIMS) Lab @ Rice University, led by Prof. Kaiyuan Yang, creates and demonstrates radically new hardware (integrated circuits and micro-systems) to enable emerging applications that are not possible without miniaturized electronics powered by tiny or even no batteries. Our envisioned applications include internet of everything, ubiquitous computing, and biomedical implants/wearables.

We innovate analog/digital/mixed-signal circuit and system designs to push the limits of energy efficiency and performance in miniaturized microsystems. Moreover, we are interested in addressing pressing system challenges on security and machine learning from a hardware perspective, which will be explored through cross-layer (devices, circuits, architecture, and algorithm) design and optimizations.

We have openings for a postdoc and multiple graduate and undergraduate students interested in analog, mixed-signal circuit design, bioelectronics, and hardware security.

Postdoc applicants: please directly contact Dr. Yang. Job Description and Application Link

Prospective students: please check out this webpage first.

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Huge congratulations to Zhanghao and Yan! ECE news

Congrats to Yan, Dai, and Qiang (from Taiyun’s group)!

The article describes a novel design of pattern matching engine for IoT network intrusion detection, through HW/SW cross-layer optimization. Congratulations, Dai! Link to the paper

Congrats to Yan, Zhanghao, and all the co-authors!

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