Cryptographic Accelerator

The strong demand for encryption in many IoT and healthcare devices cannot be fulfilled by the embedded processors and small batteries. We work on novel circuit and architecture designs to improve the efficiency of application-specific and programmable cryptographic accelerators for modern and post-quantum cryptography, and homomorphic encryption.

MeNTT: A Compact and Efficient Processing-in-Memory Number Theoretic Transform (NTT) Accelerator [TVLSI2022]

MePLER: A 20.6-pJ Side-Channel-Aware In-Memory CDT Sampler [VLSI2021]

Recryptor: A Reconfigurable in-Memory Cryptographic Cortex-M0 Processor for IoT [VLSI2017]

A Compact 446 Gbps/W AES Accelerator for Mobile SoC and IoT in 40nm [VLSI2016]