DCT-RAM: A Driver-Free Process-In-Memory 8T SRAM Macro with Multi-Bit Charge-Domain Computation and Time-Domain Quantization


This paper presents DCT-RAM, a driver-free PIM macro that performs multi-bit charge-domain MAC and time-domain quantization with high computing accuracy and parallelism. It features: (1) a driver-free charge-domain computing (DCC) scheme that performs accurate multi-bit MAC without analog buffers; (2) a compact 8T SRAM cell complementing the DCC module, supporting parallel access of 576 rows; and (3) column-parallel compact 8-bit time-domain ADCs that are self-referenced, highly digital, and support resolution reconfiguration and input amplification.

IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC)
Zhiyu Chen
Ph.D. Student (started in 2018)
Zhanghao Yu
PhD 2023, now at Intel
Kaiyuan Yang
Associate Professor of ECE