Low-Overhead Side-Channel Attacks and Countermeasures

Growing security concerns about mobile and IoT devices arise in the physical implementations of hardware, due to emerging side-channel (power, EM, timing) attacks. These are especially challenging problems for IoT devices, because of the strong capabilities of even low-cost attackers and the limited resources and costs that can be spent on security in most systems. While countermeasures against side-channel attacks have been studied for more than a decade, they incur significant performance and power overhead to achieve meaningful defenses. The overheads significantly limit their use in many low-cost devices, which are also the most vulnerable ones. To this end, we are working on novel and low-overhead defenses that can be readily adopted in products.

A digital low-drop-out regulator (LDO) simultaneously achieving state-of-the-art 4.58-ps FoM and > 14,000 times stronger resistance against power side-channel attacks [ISSCC20]